Clash of Isles


Clash of Isles is crafted with every player in mind. The gameplay is designed to be simple, but players need to be tactical when attacking players and strategies will be required to defend your islands while you're away. You need to be ready for anything in Clash of Isles. Pick your Captain and command an entire 'Royal Navy' army or lead your 'Pirate' crew to victory, you dictate your journey in Clash of Isles. Collect and expand your 'Crew'; train and upgrade your crew to plunder your enemy's islands. Find the right combination of crews and synergy effects to ensure your victory and climb up the ranks to be the TOP player. Plan out your defense strategy in Island Battles; build towers to keep your island safe because you'll never know when your enemies will attack and steal your resources. As a leader, you'll need to make sure your island is always protected. Engage in epic battles and loot the riches of your enemies. Make them cry and fear you!! Enlist other players into your 'Guild' and attack other guilds in Guild Wars to earn 'Guild War Bounties'. Mark your territory today and make a name for you and your 'Guild'. Start your journey and conquer the world.