Clash of Isles

Game Modes

Clash of Isles is an online multiplayer strategy GameFi where players consistently re-design their Island Base to improve their defense by constructing and upgrading defensive structures. Players will also have to train and upgrade their Crews to invade enemies and earn additional in-game resources and $RUM rewards.
The focal point of the 'Island Base' is 'The Builder's Hut', The Builder's Hut can be upgraded using $RUM which allows for more advanced structures, traps and crews to be unlocked, built and recruited.
The main in-game resources and in-game token are: 1. Fish 2. Timber 3. $RUM
There are three (3) types of game modes in Clash of Isles:-
Story Mode
Island Battle
Guild Wars
Story Mode allows players to enjoy a single player experience in Clash of Isles. Gather your troops and sail the seas. Choose a side and command an entire Royal Navy army or lead your Pirate crew to victory; the fate of your crew depends on your decision. Players start their journey with three random basic crews and a standard set of resources to construct structures and enhance their Island Base. Progress through the adventure stages and random 'Crews' or 'Captains' will be airdropped to players to upgrade and improve their battalion. There will be five (5) Chapters in Story Mode, and each Chapter will have twenty (20) levels which requires specific skills and resources to complete. Each level will be rated on a three-stars scale and the complexity of each level will increase as the player progresses through Story Mode. To proceed to another Chapter, there is a minimum amount of star ratings that needs to be completed by the player. In Story Mode, players will be able to improve their Island Base and Crews in preparation for Island Battles.
Island Battle is designed for competitive players who wish to gain more resources by attacking another player's Island. Each player will receive a default Captain to lead their crews into battles. Players can also purchase Clash of Isles Captains NFTs, where each Captain will have their own unique attributes and skills. Players will be matched with players within the same 'Ranking' bracket. The objective is to defeat the enemy and plunder the resources within their island. Players who successfully defeats an enemy will earn 'Ranking Points'; however, if they fail to penetrate the enemy's defense, they will lose "Ranking Points'. This is also applicable to players who successfully defends their Island Base as well. Apart from Ranking Points, players will also stand a chance to earn $RUM and in-game resources when they successfully attack an enemy's island or when they manage to defend their islands from incoming attack from another player.
Attack or Defend
Win or Lose
Rank Points
Attacking Player
Win Lose
↑In-game resource & $RUM ↓Exhausted Crew will require regeneration
↑Ranking Points ↓Ranking Points
Defending Player
Win Lose
↑In-game resource & $RUM ↓In-Game Resources and structures will require regeneration
↑Ranking Points ↓Ranking Points
Players will be ranked based on their Ranking Points and top players during a particular season will be given trophies and they will be recognized through Clash of Isles "All-Time Leaderboard".
What is a war without friends? Enlist other players into your guild (only for COI Island NFT holders) or join existing guilds and spark wars with other Guilds. Guild Wars is the main attraction in Clash of Isles. This game mode is designed for community based gameplay where a collective group of friends or players joins forces to form a Guild and wage wars with other Guilds. During Guild Wars, guilds will attempt to defend and attack one another with their Captains and Crews. The victorious Guild will earn war Bounties and this will be shared amongst the Guild Leader and the Guild members. There is only two (2) ways to be a guild leader. The first of which is to own a Clash of Isles exclusive Island NFT and secondly is to rent a Clash of Isles Island NFT from the market place.
Mark your territory today and make a name for you and your Guild!