Clash of Isles


Giving new purpose to existing NFTs.

Giving new purpose to existing NFTs.
The concept of owning a "virtual land" is already exciting, however we want to bring this to the next level where communities from other projects can participate in our game with their existing NFTs; creating what we call a "true Metaverse".
The basic question to ask is – “Do you own an NFT that is sitting in your wallet and all it serves as is a background picture or a display picture on your social media?”
If the answer is “YES”, then our NFT 2.0 minting protocol will be an exciting product for you!
With the development of our NFT 2.0 protocol, NFT holders will be able to use their existing NFTs to reproduce and exclusive 1 of 1 Clash of Isles Island NFT. This is done by way of developing an SDK (Software Development Kit) where users will be able to customize and incorporate their existing NFTs into Clash of Isles Island NFT.
For example: - Bob owns ‘Degen Ape Academy’ NFT. Through our protocol, Bob will be able to mint an Island NFT that has the characteristic of his NFT. Bob will also get the exclusive privileges as a Clash of Isles Island NFT owner.