Clash of Isles


A whole new twist to the possibilities of NFTs

The idea of "combining" or "fusing" multiple NFTs together is nothing new. However, our NFT2.0 protocols will alter this.
The idea of NFTs being "Lego blocks" where you can use simple components to build and create an infinitely complex and customizable product.
Imagine. NFTs that can 'carry' or 'own' other NFTs; NFTs that can 'equip' other NFTs.
For example: - Jasmine who owns a Clash of Isles Island NFT and a 'Billboard' NFT (given to top-ranking Guilds by Clash of Isles). With our NFT2.0 protocol, the Island NFT can OWN the Billboard NFT which in turn can be used to promote an advertiser's product/services.
NFT on NFT ~ Introducing new and innovative ways to increase yield generation and giving additional utilization to your existing NFTs.
The limit is endless...