Clash of Isles

Captain Silverback

Captain Silverback; Strong, dignified, honorable, and caring. A true exemplary model for the younger generation as not only does he act as the pillar of justice, but also as the first line of defense for his people. Despite his abnormal strength to tear apart tree trunks with extreme ease; not a single one of his people fear him. In fact, his kindness allows him to properly control his power granted him the title “Magna Mitis” by his people, meaning big and gentle. Therefore he commands an enormous amount of respect from not only the natives, but also the neighboring islanders as well, keeping a balanced ecosystem within the archipelago.
With a familial heart, the island where he grew up is now under his wing, caring and loving for them, providing them the necessities out of his own pocket from his measly wages as the captain of the Royal Navy. Besides the small handful of his closest comrades, no one truly understands his sacrifices and the hardships that comes with it. They only see the occasional smirk that Silverback shows especially when children are involved. It is unknown whether the Royal Navy lacks the proper resources to assist one of their best captains or if they would rather not spend on a backwater island. To "ape" into a coin or a doubloon, is to buy into a new idea. Thus, no matter what fate the Navy may decide for his home, Captain Silverback will always protect his homeland and his people until he draws his last breath.... especially from the pesky sharks.