Clash of Isles

Captain Riptide

The age of the dry landers is coming to an end. “They know it, they fear it. Yet there is nothing they can do. When the time comes, they’ll realize that they’re fools!”. That is what The Captain used to say. Once a champion among the warriors of the Solany Isles, he deserted the pitiful gladiator lifestyle in search of something greater. The captain rules his crew with an iron-fist, and if they decide to desert him, he’ll drag the scallywags back, fill them with rum and set them on fire from the inside. A fish of true brutality and savagery, no animal would dare talk back to The Captain.
One who seeks for true freedom, the life of decentralization, he will stop at nothing to gain the riches of the world whether it be looting or pillaging, it doesn’t matter as long as it ends up in his pockets, bringing in like-minded creatures of sorts along with him on his violent voyage, whether they like it or not, his crew is always open for more creatures to torment. Eating monkey ribs for lunch or bunny ears as a snack, the captain lives the life of an apex predator, no soup can be made out of this shark. The captain of the seas has many names, but one particular name stuck on him, as not even the ocean dares incur his wrath, everyone knows that he is the true ruler of the seas which is why they call him, Captain Riptide...