Clash of Isles

Captain Inu

As a race of compassionate and determined creatures, Inu never gives up, even when the situation turns dire. The concept of fear and panic is something that has no effect on the canine and instead of worrying about the circumstances that can’t be changed, he would rather crack a joke to lighten up the mood. His innate ability to calm others’ hearts with his carefree yet confident stature is a special gift that only shows up in his breed once every hundred years, based on the words of his doula. The feeling of fulfillment he gains when assisting others overweighs his desire to climb the Galactic Federation’s ladder, the perfect quality to pair with his innate gift. Despite not having any ambition, the mass public supports him and stands strong on his side, even the Federation must acknowledge this. Thus, a crew of highly qualified space sailors are tasked under his command even though Inu himself may not feel qualified.
Captain Inu may not be as smart as his fellow combatants nor is he as strong, but his charisma and leadership will surely “lead them to many more great feats” which is what his team believes. To Inu, they are not just his underlings, they are his comrades, his brothers and sisters in arms and with this bond their teamwork is unparalleled. The captain may look soft and kind but his crewmates know, when it's time to dish out justice, Inu will be extremely fierce and exert an aura of bravery strong and fierce enough to even keep the cunning rabbit on its toes.