Clash of Isles

Captain Cottontail

With quick wits and a particularly high level of agility, Cottontail excels in every field during his training days in the academy. The fact that no other trainee could come close to his ability in both academics and physical tests, his already enormous ego is further inflated. With such competence, many of his peers envy him and his superiors place much pride on him, which may have led him to develop a sinister and conceited personality. Although he has the ability to quickly climb the ranks within the Galactic Federation, the salary he was getting while holding a position which leads a ship of trained space sailors, was nowhere near enough compared to the bribes he accepts on a regular basis.
With his cynical ability to convince and manipulate his crew, Cottontail eventually corrupted his shipmates either with his own set of bribes or blackmail, and proceeded to “dispose” of those that wouldn’t accept his ambitions of robbing the rich and enslaving the poor no matter the dirt that Cottontail held against them. Eventually, the Galactic Federation caught wind of his diabolical deeds and set out a warrant for his arrest, but with Cottontail's deep knowledge on the Federation’s tactics, evading their patrol squadrons was but a simple feat, until a certain captain caught their scent. While fleeing from the goody two-shoe dogs, his ship crashed onto an unknown primitive planet. Many may think this as an unfortunate incident, but Captain Cottontails sees an opportunity to seize the poor and extort the rich, “swapping” his situation around.