Clash of Isles

$RUM Token

Total supply of $RUM is unlimited. $RUM can be earned by playing the game. Once you minted $RUM, you can claim them to your wallet.
$RUM is Clash of Isles' in-game token which can be earned by playing the game.
$RUM is designed to have various utilization especially in our game-play experience (i.e. increasing troop size and upgrading troops) and player character development (i.e. purchasing Skins and Captains). With the way our game mechanics is designed, this will help to balance out the supply and demand for our in-game token leading to a more sustainable game economics.
$RUM tokens have the following in-game utilizations:
  • Captain Upgrades.
  • Crew Upgrades and Activations
  • Structural Upgrades
  • Slot expansions
  • In-game Booster Purchases
  • Skins and Decorations
Total Supply
BEP-20 (BSC)
Maximum Daily Rewards
Story Mode: TBA Island Battles: TBA Guild Wars: TBA
Token Minting Condition
Through Gameplay