Clash of Isles

Free To Play

Clash of Isles was developed with the intention of being a free-to-play game concept GameFi as the team wanted the game to be played by the mass market. We want to bridge the gap between traditional gamers and introduce them into the GameFi scene. Players will be given randomized crews and a builder hut in Story Mode to start their journey. Once F2P players reach a certain milestone in Story Mode, they will unlock an in-game 'Default Captain' which will allow them to participate in PVP battles in Island Battle game mode.

Default Captain vs. Captain NFT

  • You are not able to upgrade / level up a Default captain.
  • The Default Captain offers less token earning opportunities as compared to the holders of a Captain NFT.
  • Default Captains cannot participate in Guild Wars.
  • You cannot buy, sell or trade a Default Captain.