Clash of Isles


Official Clash of Isles Teaser Trailer:
Clash of Isles is a free-to-play, play-to-earn, real-time multiplayer online strategy GameFi powered by Binance Smart Chain. You enlist in island battles with other players to explore the adventurous world and earn cryptocurrency in a play-to-earn manner.
Clash of Isles will incorporate a dual token model system ($COI & $RUM) and two non-monetary in-game resources (fish and timber). Players will are able to build their island base and recruit their troops using these resources.
With the evolution of GameFi and NFTs adoption, we are constantly thinking of ways on how to bridge the gap between Gamers and NFT Collectible Holders.
Clash of Isles is not just an ordinary GameFi as we will incorporate revolutionary NFT2.0 protocols and this will allow NFT holders from different projects across different chains to monetize their existing NFT collectibles. (Read more on this in our NFT2.0 section).
Experience Clash of Isles Metaverse concept where different GameFi and NFT projects come together as one.