Clash of Isles


Clash of Isles is inspired by Clash of Clans; a highly popular game with 500,000,000 downloads worldwide with an active monthly player count of 117,000,000 players. Most gamers have either played or heard of someone playing Clash of Clans at some time in the past.
This was one of the main reasons why we were inspired by Clash of Clans. Apart from being a game that is easy to learn and pick up, it is highly addictive and very competitive. Clash of Isles intends to bridge the gap of traditional gamers to the blockchain GameFi scene.
What better way to do this than to combine the ideas from Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity? Both Clash of Clans and Axie Infinity has proven to be immensely successful gaming models. Taking the best of both worlds to make a better game.
Some of the key features from Clash of Clans which Clash of Isles will incorporate:
  • Base building game concept
  • Real-time online multiplayer strategy game
  • Leaderboard and Player Profile Statistics
  • Upgrade-able structures, troops and items
  • Guild Wars
Some of the key features from Axie Infinity which will be incorporated into Clash of Isles:
  • Blockchain integration
  • Play-to-earn model
  • NFT assets and collectibles (i.e. Island, Captain and Crew NFT)
  • Dual-token model (i.e. $COI and $RUM)
  • Scholarship business models for investors
  • NFT marketplace