Clash of Isles


The Clash of Isles team knew that creating another GameFi with F2P and P2W elements would not make us stand out. We needed to be different. We needed a special “something” to make us stand out. The team spend hours deep diving into new and existing projects to identify areas of improvements.
Some of the questions we asked ourselves were:
1. What are the current problems in GameFi?
2. What are the current issues in the NFT space?
3. How can we be better?
The following are the ideas and areas where the team decided to focus and improve on:

In-game token utilization

The team has played and invested in several GameFi projects and we all noted something in common in most of the existing projects. Even the top-ranking games face the similar issue.
Insufficient utilization of in-game tokens.
We asked ourselves if the game eco-system of current projects were sustainable? Were there sufficient utilization for in-game tokens to balance out the supply and demand of an infinite supply token?
Hence, the idea where we had to incorporate more token utilization came to live. Our in-game token, $RUM, is designed to have various utilization especially in our game-play experience and player character development.
With the way our game eco-system is designed, the supply and demand of $RUM will be balanced; leading to a more sustainable game economy.

Every successful product was created to solve an existing problem in any given context.

The team has been in the crypto scene for years and we have enjoyed our fair share of NFT flipping. On the flip side, we have also enjoyed moments where we could not flip our NFTs in time and as a result, they sit at the marketplace waiting for a buyer or in our wallets. NFT 1.0 has been proven with not much use case. We believe the mainstream adoption on NFTs highly depend on its ability to have recognized benefit relationships between NFT owners.
With that in mind, we have decided to devote our sweat and tears to improve and develop an even better game integrating traditional gameplay with the advancement of Blockchain technology and the ever-growing NFT market.
With our NFT 2.0 protocols, we intend to give existing NFTs which have no utility purposes a new meaning.
Please refer to What is NFT2.0? section.

What is Metaverse?

Definition by Wiki : "The metaverse is a hypothesized iteration of the Internet, supporting persistent online 3-D virtual environments through conventional personal computing, as well as virtual and augmented reality headsets."
So in actual fact, "metaverse" is hypothetically undefined as of today. Hence, we would like to share our adaptation of Metaverse.
Our frustration with the existing concept of Metaverse is that most GameFi and NFT projects that sells the concept of Metaverse is isolated on the project itself. Our vision for Metaverse is to bring different GameFi and NFT projects together as one where there are no barriers between different projects.
Imagine, walking around on "Clash of Isles" island NFT with a "Degen Ape" NFT character, wearing a "Adidas" NFT shoe and having an "Axie" NFT protecting you.

With the saturation and influx of new games appearing in GameFi everyday, the team has a common goal to bring to fruition a #F2P #P2E game that incorporates ground-breaking advancement in Blockchain technology.
Introducing, Clash of Isles - GameFi x Metaverse x NFT2.0.